About Who & How to Test

Who to Test

Testing for CKD should not be universal, but should be targeted for individuals at increased risk of developing CKD:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Family history of Stage 5 CKD or hereditary kidney disease
  • Vascular disease (prior diagnosis of CVD, stroke/TIA or PVD)
  • Multisystem disease with potential kidney involvement (e.g. SLE)

How to Test

For accurate diagnosis, retest eGFR, random urine ACR (albumin:creatinine ratio) and Urinalysis if not tested in the prior 6 months.

In patients with a new finding of reduced eGFR, repeat eGFR to exclude causes of acute deterioration of eGFR (e.g. acute kidney injury, or initiation of ACEi or ARB therapy).

In patients with a previous finding of an abnormal eGFR and ACR in the past 6 months, you do not have re-test.


Recommended Tests

eGFR (estimate glomerular filtration rate) eGFR info

Random Urine ACR (albumin:creatinine ratio) ACR info

Urinalysis for hematuria Hematuria info